Saturday, 31 December 2016

Happy New Year - in Advance! - Ghanaweb News

Happy New Year - in Advance! - Ghanaweb News

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Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Gold Scam - Danish man loses $93,000 to 3 Gold & Dating Scammers

The "Standard" Dating Scam goes often hand in hand with an Gold Scam! 
This kind of scams are generated mainly from Ghana, by Ghanaian or Nigerian criminals.

Follow news story is from June 2016, for arrests taken out March 2016. But this scams happen all the time, on a daily basis!

* Please be aware, that you`ll loose large sums of money, if you fall on this gangsters!

Gold Scam Story, in combination with Dating Scam

Three persons are before an Accra circuit court for allegedly defrauding one Poul Muller, a Danish consultant, in the sum of $93,200.

They are Karim Yahaya, unemployed; Desmond Agyei Asamoah, security man and Vanessa Twumasi, student, all based in Kumasi in the Ashanti Region.

The trio according to the prosecutor, Chief Superintendent Duuti Tuaruka, between January and February this year in Accra and Kumasi, conspired and defrauded Poul by falsely claiming that...

Karim was one Rose Gary, a white lady resident in Ghana who could supply him with gold.

Karim has been slapped with other charges of forgery of documents.

Other accomplices: Jacinta Konadu, seamstress and Asamoah have been charged with money laundering while one Rahim Yahaya, unemployed and Jacinta also face an additional charge of abetment of crime.

In a court presided over by Aboagye Tandoh, the accused persons variously denied the charges and were remanded until June 14.

The facts of the case are that in August 2015, Karim sent a mail to Poul posing as a white lady by name Rose Gary and informed the complainant that he was a nursing student in Neuman, a private university in Kumasi.

The prosecution said Karim and Vanessa communicated on Skype with Poul in order to confirm that he (Karim) was a lady, adding that based on this, Poul fell in love with Karim "Rose Gary".

Chief Supt Tuaruka said in October 2015, Karim forged Ghana Police Service official documents to support his claim that he "Rose Gary" had had an accident and needed to pay a court fine based on which he collected $8,000 through Western Union money transfer.

The police officer said Karim, still posing as Rose, forged Ghana Health Service documents and with them, collected $8,000 from Poul and that in January 2016, Karim and Jacinta spoke to the complainant as the’ white lady and informed him of an inheritance of gold left behind by the late parents which was in the custody of Kosa Security and Safe Keeping, a company based in’ Kumasi.

The prosecutor said that Asamoah, posing as a lawyer, sent a confirmation to Poul that the said gold was in safe hands.

He said Karim and Jacinta sent Poul·their Ecobank account numbers for an amount of $75,000 to be paid in for the payment of court charges, Ghana Customs charges and transfer of ownership of the inheritance into the name of the said Rose for shipment to Poul.

Accused persons, in their quest to convince Poul, forged and sent him Registrar General Department’s certificate to commence business, Ghana Bar Association certificate of membership, Ministry of Interior certificate of membership and Ghana Health Service official receipt.

In February 2016, Poul paid $20,000 and $55,000 into the accounts of Jacinta and Asamoah respectively. They withdrew the amounts from their accounts and handed over same to Karim, who gave them GH¢10,500 and GH¢6,500 respectively as their shares of the booty.

In March 2016, Poul Muller was invited by the accused persons to Ghana to meet Karim and also collect the gold, but he became stranded at the Kotoka International Airport, leading to the arrests of the accused persons at their various hideouts.

Ten SCAMMERS arrested for ‘Sakawa’ at Alhaji Tabora

Ten SCAMMERS arrested for ‘Sakawa’ at Alhaji Tabora (News of December 14, 2016)

* "Sakawa" is the name, given locally, to fraudsters. Ghana has become the HOT SPOT for internet scams.

The "share of scammers: About 50% are Nigerians, and about 50% Ghanaians. (as English speaking).
Not counted scams, carried out via the French language. As English is widely spoken, worldwide, the majority of the scams is "English". There are scams in German as well. Mainly dating and Gold Scams.

The Story

Ten people suspected to be involved in cyber fraud, popularly known as ‘Sakawa’, have been arrested at Alhaji Tabora, near Lapaz, in the Accra metropolis.

The suspects, who use the Internet to obtain payments falsely through various types of electronic transactions are said to have operated in a rented house at Alhaji Tabora.

The police gave their names as Issah Future, 27; Frederick Gyasi 23; Ditamel Boateng, 21; Dominic Acquaye 28 and Obed Sam, 21.

The rest are Danlad Saed, 24; Hudson Ansah, 21, Nhyiraba Kwabena, 23, and Richmond Agbozo 28.

They are said to have defrauded their victims, who are mostly foreigners, of unspecified amounts of money.


Briefing journalists in Accra, the Director of the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) of the Ghana Police Service, Chief Superintendent of Police Mr Herbert Gustav Yankson, said the suspects were nabbed following police intelligence on the activities of young men engaged in the criminal activity of obtaining electronic payments falsely.

The activities of the young men, he said, were contrary to Section 119 of the Electronic Transaction Act.

He said the police, after conducting a search of the house where the suspects were arrested, retrieved eight laptops, an HP system unit and 15 mobile phones believed to be the gadgets used by the suspects to aid their illegal transactions.


Preliminary investigations conducted following the arrest of the suspects, Mr Gustav said, indicated that they used the money they obtained illegally to buy electronic gadgets, including 50-inch flat-screen television sets, laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

He said the police had observed a recent trend in the country where masterminds of cyber fraud recruited young men who had skills and knowledge in information technology (IT) for such activities.

When the young IT-inclined men succeeded with their cyber activities, Mr Gustav said, the booty was shared with their paymasters.

He said the Cyber Crime Unit had received numerous complaints from Interpol about cyber fraud activities from Ghana in recent times.

To curb the activities of cyber crimes, he said, the Cyber Crime Unit was embarking on an operation to clamp down on cyber criminals.

He advised the public to exercise due diligence when transacting any form of business on the Internet and urged the youth to desist from cyber crimes.

The maximum punishment for any culprit, he said, could be a jail term of 10 years if found guilty.

* If you think, that you might be in contact with scammers, please get back to us!

Hi Friend (Can you handle USD$21.5M?)

There we are.., an other scam, generated from Ghana, by Ghanaian or Nigerian fraudsters!
If you receive a mail like this, please ignore, and delete.
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Unfortunately, and up to date, many victims fall for this kind of scam.
Blaming the scammers is easy, but victims have to blame them self as well. They also often have "$$$ signs" in their eyes!

Below the mail. Please be aware, that the sender mail may change, all the time.

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