Friday, 5 August 2011

Dating & Gold Scam - Is Not A Game .. For You!

Dear visitor! Every One Is Talking About Our Website! Esp. All Dating Scammers Of Ghana! And This Is Good So!
We receive daily mails from victims, asking for support. There are many requests, regarding the "Girl" is white. Again - Ghana is a 100% BLACK African country! There are victims, who believe, that the person (Men and Woman) is a US citizen or European, just stranded in Ghana or Nigeria / Benin or Ivory Coast - DO NOT BELIEVE ONLINE DATES, asking you for money! Its to 100% SCAM! EVERY Western Embassy will come to aid to a foreign (US/Europen/Australian citizen, if needed! We also have a list of ALL hospitals, in ALL regions of Ghana (just in case a "Dr." is asking for money..! There are lots of Ghanaian and Nigerian fraudsters, sitting in Internet Cafe`s - online! Our Main Advise: DO NOT send any money to Africa (Ghana), without having a ID-check on your web date! DON`T loose your money to SCAMMERS! It`s NOT a game.. for you!

Fake Gold "Ownership" "Document.. The SEAL is a copy of

`The Great Seal Of The State Of Minnesota` (USA around 1850)

You are welcome, to contact us for free advise!

This Fake Gold Scam"Document" is being use d to convince victims, there is a big "money" waiting in Ghana..
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The US Embassy in Ghana (Accra):
....We have had several cases where the "customs officer" has called the American directly. Since Ghana is known as the Gold Coast most Ghanaian correspondents are able to convince their American friend that they carry their inheritance in the form of gold bars that they will smuggle out of Ghana to start their new life in America.

Many Americans believe this and have parted with as much as $10,000 in hopes of receiving millions of dollars worth of gold when their "friend" arrives in the U.S. ...

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  1. Yes but I have seen my Costa Rican girl on webcam and chatted every day for 3 months (sometimes twice a day). You are telling me in gold-producing Ghana there are ZERO single women whose lives through their parents or grandparents meanderings have resulted in their being left gold from said grandparents but through their studies have stayed broke and have thus not had the funds to monetise their gold! That is what it means when you say 100% scam! No exceptions.

  2. Oh Yes... there are many single girls in Ghana. But first of all; they are not white or mix-race.
    Yes, there are owners Gold; like the Ashanti King, and some other chiefs in Ghana. There are also rich people in Ghana. Yes. But they would not advertise this. And they fore sure, would not ask you for money, to get anything out of a "Safe-House".
    Anglo-Ashanti-Gold is the largest stake-holder of gold production in Ghana. There are few more. Also illegal mining is at work.
    If you know just a bit, about small scale mining, then you should know, that it can easy take years of mining, to have one kg of gold out...
    But, you are welcome, to believe, what-ever you like to believe! we have been contacted by victims, who lost due their self-confidence $140.000 ... You are just an other type of "I Know. Never Happen To Me"
    Your Costa Rica is, by the way in South-America... not on the west coast of Africa...

  3. Yep! Please. Listen, I communicated with a man from Ghana for over a year, saw him on Webcam, and talked on phone. He is real. He is black. Yet, he had a plan. Yep! He tried to sell me on this gold inheritances bs! I almost fell for it, but God was watching over me and I opened my eyes, Thank you God and thanks to the people who run websites like this one.

  4. Gold scam in Ghana is going down now