Friday, 23 March 2012

Ghana Gold and Dating Scam .. (pictures used from Lana Brooke !) 100% SCAM / FAKE / BETRUG!

***** This is just ONE of DAILY 5 - 7 Support Request Mails to Ghana-Net !!!

From: .......
Subject: document /person check
Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2012 16:16:17 +0000

HI THERE For the last 4 months I have been in touch daily via SKYPE with a lady in Ghana (RAMATU MUNTALA) and during that time she told me that her late farther left her some gold which is in storage.

Which she as asked if I could sell it for her here in the UK which is not a problem for me and finding your site and the dubious scams people get up to I thought I would get it check out first

just to make sure things are all ok before I go ahead with it within the next week ! I must say that we get on very well and may also get married in the near future but before I pay to get the gold shipped out to me here in the UK I would ask you people to check it out for me ,to be on the safe side !!

The name of the company storing the gold are BABCOCK STANDARD SECURITY GUARANTY LTD company email and there representative handling things and whom I am in touch with is USMAN ALHASSAN DIRECTOR OF FOREIGN OPERATIONS mobile no 40760485 ,personal e mail as you can see I have attached copies of documents sent to me regarding it and a copy of RAMATU'S passport which as expired ,not that it bothers me !

I have also donated £10 (15$) to your charity in my appreciation of your work in checking this out for me .




Picture used for this SCAM.. again "Lana Brooke". A porn starlet ....
If you are in contact with this "Girl".. You are in contact with
SCAMMERS! 100% !


  1. After filing a scam report to the headquarters of Ghana Police without response. The Ghana Crime fighters website above apprehended a fraudster who stole worth of money from my Bank Account. BRAVO- GHANA POLICE!


    1. This website also is a fraud!
      " " is a initiative of Google.

      Many scammers do use this service now to publish scam websites (they are SUB-domains to " ". Scam Like; "" !

      Google has now DISABLED this fake website!


  4. ... is a 100% SCAM/FAKE website!

    Unfortunately and "Funny" - this website WAS hosted Free of Charge with Google Ghana!!!
    After a complaint from us.. the website has being taken DOWN!

    Regarding Ghana Police Service... well they try their "best" POSSIBLE ..!
    Sorry for any losses!

    1. but haw ai faind tha nambar of police from Ghana Cape Coast ??

  5. have recently been contacted by Babcock security Guarantee ltd
    Dr Klinsman Amposah
    Director of foreign Operations

    he is acting supposedly on behalf of Jennifer Dery,jen rose (skype girl very pretty)
    she tells the story of 16 million dollars in gold bars being stored by Babcock,..that can only be collected bya foreign benificiary,..her dead father left it in her will,....

    well,..she gives good skype sex,..then disappears from view,..i never hear her ,..voice
    so Klinsmen requires deposits to gain documentation from high court of ghana,..then beneficiary documents and power of attorney documents,..all requiring western union payments to 'diplomats..etc,..etc...all must be kept secret to protect jennifer Dery skype her,..see what you get

    glad i read this article was convinced up until then,..and was actually going to send $500 dollars AM to

    mrs Stephanie Banks
    Address 21Celeste St Apooka.Fl,US

    he originally tried to get me to send to Osman Alhassan ,..but i sensed scam,....when instead of going to western Union,..i went to currency exchange,..then bank,...who said they require an account number to wire money......Money mart girl heard me talking to Klinsman on phone at window,....mentioning business in Ghana,..she said it is a scam,.....andluckily its thanksgiving in canada, stephanie doesnt get her reward

  6. the consignment was 16 millionAm(insured value), cut was 16 percent 2.5 million,...YEAH RIGHT....fools gold brothers,..sisters,...fools gold

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